How Facebook Saves Lives in Kuwait

The general consensus in the business world, at least amongst the few that do not believe in the power of social media, is that Facebook is a hugely time consuming affair that distracts employees and can lead to several million Dollar’s worth of lost productivity (link).

I am sure however that Rosemarie Sumali would disagree with that, as she recently proved to the world that Facebook is an incredibly diverse tool capable of saving lives. Her own life in fact.

She appealed for help on the social networking site Facebook on May 24 after being slapped by her Kuwaiti lady employer several times, locked up in her room and threatened to cut her fingers. (link)

Excerpts :

She screamed at me and said wait and you will see when my husband arrives, we will cut your fingers. I was very afraid and became desperate so I took my mobile phone which I have been hiding for a long time now and used it to post an appeal for help on my Facebook. That was my only hope to be rescued and I would like to thank everyone for alerting the concerned authorities“.

Which begs the question, what happens to all those unfortunate souls in similar predicaments with no social media to come to their aid?

Abuse of domestic help is an epidemic sweeping across the Country. It cannot be treated as an isolated incident.

Walk a mile in their Shoes

Walk a mile in their Shoes

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