How GI Joe saved me from an accident in Kuwait

This morning I bore witness to an accident on the 4th ring road that sent tires squealing and bumpers colliding.

Had it not been for GI Joe, I would most probably have been the victim of the crash, as opposed to lucky #4 that stopped in the nick of time and avoided a rear-end collision with lucky #3 who also avoided a rear end collision, #2 however was not so lucky.

This story started a long time ago; Having wanted to watch what really happened to Serpentor and how Cobra Commander was reinstated, I finally decided to watch the aftermath of the GI Joe movie (the animated one that came out in 1987) – the dragon fire episodes. Fortunately I had the series on my hard-drive, and decided to spend 20 minutes finding out what happened (I had initially started watching these episodes on KTV2 after coming back home from school in 1994).

Knowing I would be late for work, I still drove carefully, speeding up only when there was plenty of space available to do so. It was before the Surra bridge that something not so out of the ordinary happened; I was cut off by a white Lexus speeding on my right and barely fitting itself between me and the car ahead. I took offence to this action and started blurting out expletives in the confines of my vehicle with no gesticulation (which I believe is still legal). It was then that things took a turn for the worst, as we ascended the bridge after Surra, I spotted 2 cars ahead of me a navy blue crown Victoria suddenly thrust to the right, then immediately thrust back to the left lane; the driver lost control of the vehicle and it ended up turning a full 90* and horizontally taking up the left and middle lanes, colliding with a Honda from the front right side of the fender. Having not heard the grisly sound of metal on metal, I assumed that the damage was minimal. The car before me swerved to the right, braking hard, and I did the opposite, taking the left side and coming to a halt, fortunately there were no speeders catching up to me which kept me safe from a rear-end collision.

What is interesting is that I immediately saw a police officer on the scene. I thought this was strange since I did not hear or see sirens. It was only after joining the moving crowd that I realized there was a car parked in front of the navy blue crown Victoria.

Care to hazard a guess what it was?

Come on, think harder.

Yes. It was the white lexus that cut me off.

Apparently they pulled the same stunt, speeding up on the right and overtaking to the left suddenly, without warning or indication. This move caused the driver of the navy blue crown Victoria to suddenly swerve right to avoid being collided into, at which point they found a slower moving vehicle, so to avoid a rear-end collision with them, they swerved back to the left side erratically, losing control of the vehicle and having it fishtail in the middle of the road.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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