How I almost lost a toe on the Gulf Road of Kuwait

Darkness and sharp, unseen objects are a nasty, nasty mix.

What started off as a time tested relaxing run down the Gulf Road almost took a turn for the absolute worst when a freak accident happened that shed light (pun intended) on a very important issue: lighting and runners.

It started off normally; my wife’s prescription glasses were ready for pick-up. The shop is in Salmiya. We live in Hawally. I jumped at the opportunity to inject a run into my life and offered to pick it up on foot.

Distance to shop: 5K down the 4th Ring Road.

For the return however, I hoped to add a bit of scenery by running down the Gulf road, something I have done more times than I can count – at every imaginable hour. However, for the first time ever, as I approached the traffic light near the football pitch/ Maidan Hawally, I noticed that the street lights were switched off.

I continued running, not giving it much thought, listening to my music and trying to be faster (and failing).

It was then that I felt a sudden, sharp pain between my toes.

My right foot had unknowingly landed on a metal spike protruding from the curb; a left over from a light box for street advertising.

Fortunately, my foot placement had the gargantuan spike land in between my 3rd & 4th toes, grazing the top of the shoe but not damaging it.

The damage can be seen here:








The spike perforated through the sole of the shoe, the insole and my sock (yes that is dried blood).

I was able to hobble back home, total distance: 12KM.

A cautionary tale for runners everywhere; watch where you step!

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