How Kuwait Airport is similar to Takeshi’s Castle

Growing up in Kuwait, all must be familiar with the popular morning dubbed show of الحصن, which Youtube has instructed is called Takeshi’s Castle.

You need only walk through Marina Mall and gaze at the television screens to find excerpts from this super popular show.

Upon landing at Kuwait International Airport last friday at 1am, I was struck by the sudden realization of how much the airport is similar to Takeshi’s Castle.

At first we all clamber to stand in line at immigration. The windows are labelled as “Other Nationalities” and “GCC citizens”, at times the airport staff are accommodating and upon seeing a huge bevy of people, would allow non-GCC citizens to stand in those lines. However sometimes they do not, much like the following skit:

You run towards the counter expecting to pass through, but you are rebuffed.

For those who passed, it is not over yet! For you must endure the dreaded luggage carousel of doom! As well as the mad dash for the luggage carts.

Once this obstacle is cleared, it is on towards the final showdown; the X-Ray.

I know that I am not a drug dealer, all my friends and family are aware of this fact. However, it would seem that, at certain times during the year, and given the proper fluorescent lighting at the airport, and the sleep deprived state of the security personnel, coupled with my disheveled look, I do have the tendency to slightly appear to resemble a South American drug dealer, prompting said security personnel to gaze at me with probing eyes and take me aside for further “investigating”. In the days of my youth (i.e. university days) back when my hair was long and body deprived of food, I was regularly accosted by security and had everything checked, except of course my cavities!

This final ordeal is very similar to the following challenge:

Because you just never know which security guy will turn out to be the prude who will insist on frisking you and tossing through your belongings. At times you have a choice of 3 or more, others, only one leads to escape. It is therefore extremely difficult to maintain the facade of “I’m-innocent-please-let-me-pass” when you start wondering if they will pull you over for that cutlery you attempted to sneak off of the plane. It is the longest walk from the X-Ray machines to the  electronic doors of Freedom.

And those are your random ramblings for the day!

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