How NOT to Run after Girls in Kuwait!

An important lesson when running after girls in Kuwait… Make sure they are not on two wheels!

The following scene took place at Mishref Walkway, between the hours of 7-8pm (local time), last Sunday.

Ladies, worry not! This is in fact an anecdote of entertaining proportions, if you had been there, you are guaranteed to have laughed your socks off at the scene!

As most might be aware, there is a group out there that meets every Sunday & Tuesday at Mishref (and Wednesday near the Scientific Center) dedicated to promoting the proper art of running. They call themselves KuwaitIRC (Kuwait International Running Club – Follow them on Twitter)

So, Sunday’s brave bunch ventured forth on a journey of great proportion and distance, a 10,000M run in a time span of under an hour. There are those who due to excessive injury had to pull back and regroup, however the rest carried onward, huffing and puffing as they went along the road from the parking lot all the way to Burger King and back.

It is on the return journey that the most peculiar thing happened. As I was running by a female cyclist was heading towards me, she happened to drop her water bottle from atop her noble metal steed. Given the blaring music in her aural cavities, this slight went unnoticed by her. However, my eagle eyes were quick to discern the notable black object laying across our path. My running comrade attempted to call out to her, in vain, and decided to go upon his merry way.

Fearing for this girl’s hydration, I knelt down to retrieve the lost water bottle and set forth on a return journey to catch up with the lady.

The night was dark, and in her mind, I must have seemed quite the sight, running up to her with my arm extended, a pointy black object in my hand. She pedaled away faster, looking over her shoulder at the crazy man attempting to catch up. It would appear to be something of a Three Stooges meet Alfred Hitchcock affair, with fewer props and great one liners.

She pedaled on as I ran to return her lost treasure, slowly but surely closing the gap between us, moving as fast as my tiring legs could carry me. The funniest moment would be as I ran along side her, tapped her shoulder with her water bottle, and handed over her lost item. Her gushing words of thanks were but a distant echo as I fell back and ran off into the darkness, a noble knight in minimalist running shoes, once more to recommence the remaining distance to the finishing line.

Let that be a lesson to all who strive to run after girls in Kuwait, make sure they are not riding bikes, and that you are properly hydrated!

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