How the Internet saved our Childhood

Memories are the key components that distinguish individuals and differentiate amongst them.

It is not known at what age we begin to develop our memories, yet to recollect something from a distant past at times is most comforting. That feeling of nostalgia, of déjà vu, leaves ones spirit elated at the mere thought of something that happened once upon a time.

We go through life picking up several memories, whether they are feelings we felt, places we had seen or visited, or aromas we had smelt (the later is merely a verification of the fact that memories encompass all of our sensory receptors).

In a particularly restless night of insomnia, I decided to tug at the strings of my memory and attempt to locate an early one from childhood, it took the form of a movie I was quite engrossed with. All I could recollect of it however was a theme; not actors or anything tangible. However, in the realm of the internet, that is more than enough to start a search.

The memories I had were of a baby ripped from its parents, who could later talk to animals, two rat-like animals became protagonists in the film, one of which was later to lose its life as it saved the main protagonist from impending doom. I also recalled it was a fantasy film, a realm of monsters, myth and magic.

I stuck the following into Google, “fantasy movie about person who can talk to animals” and sure enough, after eliminating the first few candidates, my search was complete.

A further refined search on YouTube proved even more fruitful, as the full movie was available for streaming on the video sharing website.

It is undoubtedly true that television in the late 80’s early 90’s greatly exceeded the current dribble in terms of quality. One such show was also on my mind. This one was a collection of popular stories acted out in full color. The stories ranged from the Pied Piper of Hamlin, to Puss in Boots and Aladdin.

Oh how I loved that show! I remember that we had taped the episodes on our VCR at the time, and that the episode of Aladdin was preceded by an episode of Tom & Jerry where both characters were on a farm, there was a chicken sitting on its eggs and Jerry snuck down there to escape Tom.

That episode of Aladdin was the key to discovering what this magical series was called, as I distinctively recall hearing for the very first time the majestic voice of James Earl Jones, who played the role of the Genie of the Ring.

By quickly searching through James Earl Jones’ filmography on Wikipedia, I came to know the name of the series where he played a genie: Faerie Tale Theater (link).

And once again, YouTube did not disappoint:

Thank you internet for keeping this vital piece of history alive and well.

Ain’t Nostalgia grand?

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