How the Media continues to fuel Islamophobia

People are afraid. The media is aware of this fear and continues to capitalize on it, I am surprised an “Anti-Muslim” survival kit has not popped up somewhere over the internet, where someone promised to deliver a product that can protect you from radical Muslims, all for the amazing price of $99.99 (not including shipping).

For example, everyone is aware of Ebola, correct? The terrible, ravenous disease sweeping across Western Africa. It has claimed the lives of over 5,000 people.

Everyone always talks about Ebola – the Virus, no one ever discusses Ebola the Victims.

That is of course until this:

a 25-year-old health worker became the country’s second confirmed case of Ebola on Tuesday, although four deaths in Mail have been attributed to the disease.

The nurse died after treating a Muslim Imam from Guinea, who suffered from Ebola-like symptoms that were not recognized.


(According to VOA News a few weeks ago, the 25 year old health worker was from the USA)

What does it matter what faith or profession the victim followed? Is Ebola now a Muslim disease?

The residents of Dubai are in shock. The murder of an American teacher, a mother of 11 year old twins, is horrific.

The way in which the news is delivered is also horrific.

The last line in the article reads:

Authorities are unsure of whether the attacker was a male or female and the motive is currently not known, as police continue to investigate the crime.

However, that does not stop them from reporting the following first, after this title “Look closely at this Security footage. See how a figure cloaked in ISLAMIC GARB reacts after allegedly murdering an American teacher”.

The murder comes just weeks after U.S. embassies in the region warned of a jihadist threat encouraging radicals to murder educators at American schools, according to NBC News.

Other news sites reported it as “Someone dressed as an Emirati woman killed an American teacher in a mall bathroom. Did terrorists just outsmart Abu Dhabi’s security services?” (link)

Or (link).

The annoying thing is how the News websites throw around the word “Alleged”. As they have not proven anything, and so they fear legal backlash. Since nothing is definitive, all their words are suggestive. Draw your own conclusion.

Islamophobia this, Muslims that.

Cower in fear.


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