How to apply for the UAE eVisa for GCC Residents

Kuwait Residents, it is time to go to Dubai!

Now, as of September 2015, the UAE has enacted a new system for visas – gone are the days of visa on arrival, which I did once, or twice, and back in 2011/2012 and it cost about AED 120 at the time. The process was time consuming and tedious however, with long lines, forms and receipts to drive you mad.

Today, it has become much simpler, however I have been struggling to find out how since early September as there was no website (a far as I knew) I could go to to find the info. If you Google UAE evisa you are given multiple useless, none-state-sponsored websites.

That is until a friend informed me to check the airport website. So without further adieu, I give you the step-by-step process.

Do NOT try their chat assistant! Doesn’t work

On your phone it won’t show much, so you need to view the desktop site (link), and then click a link for the Dubai Dept. of Naturalization & Residency (link).




Here is where it gets tricky – you have to open this on, you guessed it, INTERNET EXPLORER…

images (1)

Why Dubai, WHY?!!!!

Also, it MUST show you the following popup, keep refreshing till you get it:


GCC Individual Services

Once you get that, click on it (or try this link).

You will then be transported to this page here:


As you can see, the above page has a few setbacks in that you are required to enter information in Arabic, maybe it changes depending on your country/nationality, but for all intents and purposes, ya’ll are gonna have to get your Arabic typing skills up to par.

The profession and birth place have to be written in ARABIC – and I am unsure whether they mean your ACTUAL PROFESSION or your PROFESSION AS PER WORK PERMIT. I tried the latter and found it on the list, so it worked. Someone should ask which profession they are looking for though.

Next up comes the fees page, which looks like this:



AED 230 is roughly KWD 19.

You can apply for it for a maximum travel upto December from September, meaning it has a 4 month window. As I need to travel in January, i’ll do it in October.

I tried opening the website through Chrome, however it fails to load. Did not try Firefox or Opera/Safari.

And there you have it.

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