How to be in the (k)Now in Kuwait – follow GT

Let’s face it, Kuwait is a small country. To some that is a bonus, to others a curse. It seems pertinent that it would be much simpler to be “in the know” when it comes to what to do for fun around here.

Not the case.

For example, yesterday there was a great event going on at the American University of Kuwait, the comedic antics of the talented George Tarabay (@georgetarabay) were put on display as the opening act for the Famous Angelo Tsaroukas (@bigangcomic), however people were asking, where when how (ok one person asked), when I posted about it on social media. Which got me thinking, is there one go-to place for info on events in Kuwait?

The problem is, we’ve grown so accustomed to being in the 21st century that we’ve neglected the basic form of media; aural.

Yessir, the dynamic duo of comedy were not advertised on the blog scene, 248am and KU2D, it started off on the radio.

And in order to get “in” with the radio crowd, you need to follow @Georgetarabay right now.

And keep it on the down-low.

(Yes the title of this post can be read several ways)

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