How to Deal with Scratches on your Car in Kuwait

Imagine this scenario; you just got out of your building, walking towards your car.  The sun is shining,  the sky is blue, the birds are singing, you are walking with a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

You get to your car.

You stop.

You gasp.

Right there on your door is a different colored scratch, remnants of the oaf who parked next to you slamming your car door with theirs.

All of the sudden, the sky turns grey, the clouds come forth, the birds fly away, and that spring in your step is gone.

And you just had the car detailed.

I once felt the very same way, until I found this magical cure, for only 750fils a pop!


You merely dip a rag into the compound, and rub it over the affected area in the car, whether it be a fender bender, or a more vicious scratch as a result of two cars grazing each other, and watch the miracle happen.

This compound replaces the age old method of rubbing fine sand over the scratched area, to remove the color of the other car.

Note however, this compound does not treat deep scratches, it merely removes the other color.

Useful in its own regard, and as you can see, its easy on the pocket.

I have personally tried it, and introduced others to it, and it is very, very useful in this world full of oafs with driving licenses.


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