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As was evident with my tirade yesterday, I am bolstering a campaign against UshopWEships unprofessionalism.

In the digital age we live in, everything is email, telephones are redundant. You have merely to call the Skynet operators one time to know exactly how redundant they are.

At first, you are asked to wait by a male voice, then a female one asks you if you wish to browse the directory, afterwhich it asks you to key in the persons last name, a very abysmal and redundant process that always ends with disconnection. Not only that, but if you key in 0 for the operator and nobody picks up, it does not automatically transfer you to someone else, it goes “you will be disconnected, goodbye”, or “the mailbox number you have reached is full and cannot accept any new messages”.

So I went on over to Skynet and sent them a very detailed email of my discontent with their Kuwait Branch, and their manager.

Now, I am still trying to reach Mr. Ivan via telephone, only to be given the same treatment, he has not arrived, hes not in his office, he has left the building.

Here comes the clever part, please take out your pens and papers and write this one down:

How do I get in touch with him DIRECTLY? The foolproof way would be via mobile right? But if you request his mobile number, you will most likely be rejected and requested to call back another time. If however, you ask the staff to call him on his mobile, and reiterate the fact that you have been trying to contact said person for 2 days now, and that this is highly unprofessional, the staff, in hopes of avoiding a headache, will ask you to contact said manager directly and offer their mobile number to you directly, if only to alleviate their own troubles of having to call and co-ordinate.

Presto, its like a game of pass the parcel.

Now lets see what Mr. Ivan has to say.

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