How to get a Guy to do Housework

Mr. Maid

A secret weapon for the ladies, and a stark revelation of the guy mentality.

Housework. Lets admit it, nobody likes to do it, its something that has to be done, like a root canal, albeit more repetitive and recurring.

When asked to do housework, I respond like any warm-blooded, calculating, rational guy would; I whine and moan and try to talk my way out of it, as my time could be better spent doing a myriad of things (or at least ponder doing a myriad of things).

Personally, I think housework should be divided amongst the inhabitants of a particular residence, it is just a problem of finding the time to do it; as anytime that would be good for everyone is definitely not good for me.

So we have arrived at the point in which a guy is asked to do housework, and refuses. Being told to do something injures the male pride; Women have their periods, and Men have their pride, both are devastating and cause irrationality to ensue, and both affect their ability to play well with others.

Also, Men do not like being told what to do, some of the time, and hence, will argue just for the sake of arguing.

So it would appear we have reached a stale-mate.


So it would seem, but I have recently discovered, as an unwitting test subject myself, the key to getting a guy to do the housework. Whether that guy is cohabiting a residence as a husband, son, room-mate etc. It appears fool proof.

And here is how I came across this revelation.

Cleaning is A LOT like working out, repetitions, flexes, movements in different angles etc. Hence, cleaning can be considered a form of Cardio,  and it truly is!

So instead of asking your man/ son/ room-mate to clean the house, tell them to engage in a session of cardio, as they are getting flabby, or their arms aren’t looking as good as they should (play with their pride, not against it). And trust me, the results will be most pleasing.

Trickery is the Key.

This entire carpet was cleaned with that small brush. A Thoroughly intense Cardio Workout

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