How to save money on Flights

Let’s face it, one of the greatest advantages of living in Kuwait is the ability to go on vacations. Now, we are not all teachers, blessed with 2 months of Summer Vacation along with countless public holidays in addition to Sand-Days, I digress.

The major detrimental factor however is always the cost of the flight.

I am here to tell you however, that those days are no more.

It started when a dear friend, A running friend,  A friend I will miss terribly when she leaves as she was my one running wonder, well, was was, haven’t met throughout 2014-2015 for our regular weekly runs in a lifetime (you will be missed Wendy-Lady!), I digress again… It all started when she told me about the wonders of  a website known as SkyScanner (link)

Now, what this website does is quite literally scan the skies for the prices of tickets, and inform you of them, and where to purchase them. It goes a step further by allowing you to set up an alert whereby you get a weekly email of the price fluctuations of tickets. And trust me, they fluctuate.

Lets assume you have already selected the days you wish to fly, most people try to book as early as possible with the hope of scoring a good price. The thing is, prices change weekly, up and down, and booking 4 or 5 months in advance is not necessarily a sure-fire way to get the cheapest ticket.

I found this to be true right now. I am in the process of booking my young brothers honeymoon (they grow up so fast :’) – digress), the initial cost of the ticket when I checked in March 2015 was 233KD for both him and his bride to fly to Bangkok from Cairo. I was waiting to use my new Miles Credit Card (topic for a future post) to book their flight so as to benefit from the 5X points per KD. Once it was issued, I rushed to the airlines website only to discover that the tickets were at KD 322. Of course I was shocked. I set up the alert and sure enough, I received an email yesterday saying that prices have gone down; and on the airlines website, it was down to KD 250.

The only way I can rationalize it is that sometimes airlines give out their “super-saver” seats to booking agents, and then those seats are returned to the airline, and so on and so forth, much like foods near expiry are moved to the discount aisle, and last years fashion is moved to the flash sale rack. So the prices change due to the availability of these super saver seats.

Therefore, if you are thinking of going on vacation, set the dates in your mind, set up an alert for said dates on skyscanner, and watch the rise and fall of tickets, then jump in when the price drops from what you initially saw on the first day you decided to go on vacation.

Your purse strings will thank you for it.

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