How to turn White Backgrounds in Pictures Transparent

We’ve all been there, bloggers at least. You have a great picture you want to add to your blog, but unfortunately it looks hideous with a white background around it, making the webpage look tacky. Sometimes the image is already transparent, but most of the time, it is not. And for those who’s blog does not have a white background i.e. iBlooogle (link), this was a problem.

I faced this conundrum myself, and like any blogger, turned to Google! for my information needs. Unfortunately, it was all the same, primarily, with the phrase of “use Photoshop” popping up all over the search engine. Which would not have been a problem, as the site offered a very simple 101 for any, however, I am not averse with Photoshop.

Various combinations later, and I came across The Free Online Image Editor (linkwhich proved to be the answer to my prayers.

It is very simple to use, and with a few clicks and uploads, your image will be ready for posting to your blog.


(PS A gift to any who figure out what was made transparent on the front page)

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