Hypocrisy of Security at Kuwait Int. Airport – Investigative Bloggerism #1

Everyone sees the world though the eyes of their education. Engineers admire the structural architecture of the buildings around them, whilst financiers see figures and numbers; this is a case of numbers.

There is a strange sight in the parking lot of Kuwait Int. Airport, in direct contrast to the sign reading 200 fils for the first hour, 400fils thereafter and 10kd if you lose the ticket (which is another post in itself if they are trying to Market the Airport Mall then the parking rates have to drop, but that is another tale for another time).

That strange sight is visible on the parking lot adjacent to the departure hall on the 1st floor, in the far left corner, as well as two on the mezzanine.

At peak periods, it is at times impossible to find a parking space. If you pay attention to the above mentioned areas, you will realise there are a dozen or so dust laden, flat tyred vehicles, hogging up space and depriving you of a spot.

Despite this apparent lack of security, you see scenes like the one below, with an orange shackle on an illegally parked car inside the parking lot, a few feet away from the long dwells.


Why is this apparent hypocrisy taking place?

I’ll answer.

Its all about the money, honey.

A normally parked car will incur the usual fee, an illegally parked and shackled vehicle will incur higher fees, by the time the person locates the officer, explains their situation, begs for mercy, relents, pays the fine, has the shackle removed etc.

These long stay cars, which I believe are leased (by expats), and left by their lessee’s upon boarding their one way flight out of Kuwait to avoid paying some amount or fee, in actuality belong to someone, the lessor, a company in Kuwait.

By the time they (the lessor) are aware of the departure of the lessee, and locate the vehicle, the parking meter had been running all the while. Factor in litigation and law suits as I do not think they will pay the fee quietly, and the airport makes a pretty penny in the process.

Devious, but also Ingenius.

Hence why they will never forcibly remove these dust ridden monstrocities. They are cash cows, gifts that keep on giving.





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