I never heard of a Fruit Sandwich

Until I visited Mumbai, the strange notion above seems preposterous at best. However, at a certain local restaurant whose name I never caught, there does exist such an unholy concoction as a Fruit Sandwich, not only that, it is called an “Italian Sandwich”.

Fruit Sandwich

Behold, what appears to look like cheese is in fact, apple slices..

With a name like Italian Sandwich, I was under the impression that there would definitely be Greens in the food, however of the Vegetable kind; lettuce, cucumbers, etc. Never in a million years did I suspect an Italian sandwich would consist on Fruits in between two squares of white toast.

Fruit Sandwich

Hungered beyond imagination, I was forced to eat this overly sweet sandwich


The whole enchilada, so to speak

I had stayed in Mumbai for 12 days, throughout which I had not had a single bite of beef. To remind myself of the taste whilst in my hotel room at night, I would chew on my forearm.

I was THISCLOSE to buying BBQ sauce and really taking a bite out of me.

Vegetarianism is alright, for a while, however, this omnivore prefers his sandwiches “beefed up”.

‘Nuff said.

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