“If you don’t like it, Leave” Online Response to previous Medical segregation Post in Kuwait

Apparently our last post regarding the rolling out of medical care segregation struck a nerve with some people in the online community;

No rights

Firstly, YOU are not a lord 🙂 I am, I have a certificate to prove it to!

Secondly, and on a more serious note, it is tragic to believe that we still have such mentalities amongst us. I especially loved the following lines:

Kuwaitis take precedence in Kuwait and that is our right, this is our home. If you don’t like it, take your 50KD and traffic-inducing baggage and find somewhere else that would be so accommodating.


How would you feel if we keep the government hospital for nationals and let the expats enjoy spending all their money on private hospitals? paying a hefty amount for medical insurance?

And in the blink of an eye, it would seem that some people are still wired to think that it is the 1950’s.




And on top of that, a rogue, vigilante group has taken it upon itself to hunt and kill stray dogs in Kuwait.

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