India Business Visa Part II – Racism @ The ATM

So today we headed over toward the Indian Embassy’s outsourced Visa Processing Center; for those wishing to know its location, its in Kuwait City, down the street from the Warba Insurance Building, its right opposite the HUGE monstrosity they are building on that road, with a parking lot behind it. Everyone knows the McDonalds at the bus stop in Kuwait City, its on the same side, just further down the road.

I had all my documents in order, as referenced in the previous post (here) sans the strange, moronic request of  a minimum balance of 1,500KD in my current account, I did the next best thing, I printed a statement from my savings account, my nest-egg, which shows that I have that amount in my name.

At the counter, I filled out their form, which was very strange, asking me to list the countries I had travelled to in the past 10 years, and whether any of my paternal or maternal grandparents/ parents were ever nationals of Pakistan!

As I submitted the forms, the lady informs me that they may reject my application because the bank statement from my saving account with CBK did not look “professional” (for some reason, I was unable to print a PDF), they accepted my current account statement, printed online, via NBK, without question. The option she gave me was submit as is and have a possibility of rejection, or go to CBKs office and get an official statement. I refused her offer as it entailed more footwork, and decided to just go ahead and submit as is.

When it came time for the fees, I was shocked at the amount, 43.100KD!! Being short of cash, and them not accepting K-Net, I ventured out to the nearest ATM machine, which is where the name-sake of this post comes from, and a strange incident occured.

The nearest (right across the street) ATM was KFH, so we went inside and there was a woman on one machine, a guy on another (donned in a dishdasha) and one fellow behind him (a mandoub, South East Asian), so I took the vacant spot behind the lady and waited.

When the guy in the dishdasha finished his transaction, and the mandoub behind him went forward for his turn, I was surprised to witness the guy in the dishdasha halt the mandoub and say, in arabic, you have 10 cards on you (I didnt count them, but I think he was exaggerating), you will take ages, wait for everyone else to finish, we are fasting. He then proceeded to get the guys waiting outside to take his turn. He tried to get one of them to move to my ATM machine, but I quickly intervened and shoved my ATM card into it, I was there first after all.

And it does not stop there, when the mandoub protested, he actually had the audacity to pull him out and say, we are all fasting, you wait, you have 10 cards, its illegal anyway, you cannot withdraw from different cards.

No where do I remember reading in any of the banking policies and procedures that guys with plenty of cards have to be relegated to the back of the line so that others can use the machine in their stead.

I should have been quicker on the draw and pulled out my phone to either snap a few choice pictures, or a video of the incident, sadly, I did not. It is hearsay, and the only persons that can verify my claim will be the good people at KFH, if they check the ATM CAM for the hours of 10:30~11:30am on Thursday the 18th of August, 2011.

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