India Business Visa Part III – The Return

I stood before the first counter, heart pounding, ears pumping, short of breath, I may as well have been awaiting the results of an examination…

My previous posts (here & here) regarding my ordeal in applying for a business visa to India served to make me weak at the knees as I waited for the clerk to find my passport.

The seconds dragged on, his shaking of his head did not help one tiny bit.

He came to me with a womans passport, set it before me, took my receipt, looked at it, looked at me, gazed at the picture attached to the passport, once more looked up at me, and then after accepting the fact that I was not a red-lipped, long haired woman, he turned around to return that passport to its place in the sea of passports strewn upon his desk, and finally, came up with mine.

I held my breath, awaiting another shake of his head and a “please re-apply” jibe.

He placed my passport before and turned away, back to his routine.

I flipped through the pages of my passport hungrily.



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