Ingenious Advertising in Kuwait

You have to give credit where credit is due.

Whilst  traipsing about Maidan Hawally, close in proximity to the huge roundabout near Sha’ab Leisure Park,  one was suddenly overwhelmed with an unquenchable thirst.

Desperate for a drink of water and with no bakala’s in the vicinity, I came across a peculiar sight:

A water cooler in the middle of a parking lot.. suspicious?

At first I believed my dehydrated mind to be playing tricks on me, it was as if I were Odysseus on a quest with someone looking out from above, for how else would a rational mind explain the presence of such an amenity in the middle of no where?

I drew up a scenario quickly, for in so doing I would trick my mind into believing this was legitimate, gaining me one step closer in satisfying my thirst. This must undoubtedly have been set up by a group of workers doing nearby construction. No new buildings in the vicinity though. No matter, it was good enough for me, and the water was surprisingly VERY cold.

I muttered a silent thanks to whomever was behind this ingenious contraption, amidst gulps of ice cold water.

All of the sudden, I became aware of strange flashing lights.

Red & blue.

Busted? Was this some immaculate trap laid out by the police, to catch unsuspecting thirsty thieves before they made a run for it? Was one of the side-effects of drug use insatiable thirst?

As I contemplated making a run for it, I gazed towards the direction of the flashing lights to confirm my suspicion.

No patrol cars within the vicinity, only a strange shop.

A supplies shop. For fishing and hunting.

All of the sudden, a dim bulb brightened. This was no more than a clever ruse to advertise how this product can keep water ice cold for prolonged periods of time (it was night time at the time), thus explaining the presence of chains around the merchandise, to prevent people from carrying it off believing it was charity!

Case closed Watson. Strike it up to ingenious advertising!

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