Ingenuity in Egypt – Super Market Restaurant

Part of what we learnt during Business Studies was “Diversification”, the process of expanding business. It could be horizontal, in that the businesses are related and merely at different stages of the same production chain, or vertical, two completely unrelated businesses joining together.

A supermarket? Or a restaurant?

This is a supermarket, nondescript, somewhere in Maadi, Cairo. It is not in a fancy location, nor is it discernible in any way, shape, or form.


Crowded to say the least!

However, one look at the crowd outside, at 1am in the morning, is enough to inform anyone that something strange is going on.


This supermarket decided to diversify its business and use its stock of cold meats and cheeses to attract a new clientele, the restauranteurs.


the final product – verdict: Not Bad! Didn’t get sick later so yes! Two thumbs up

It was a good trip, with a good idea bought about in a growing economy.


As we were leaving, the crowd continued to grow, testament to this ingenious idea’s acceptance by the local populace

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