InterNations Recommends MyBloogle for Expats in Kuwait!

It is most endearing to be recognized for your efforts when you least expect it.

When this blog was first started in July of 2011, it was with a simple concept in mind; to cater to the needs of expats, both hopeful and current, in the state of Kuwait.

From offering general information to answering some of the key queries expats have, MyBloogle has flourished in that regard.

A short while ago, our efforts were recognized as we received an email from the good people at (link)

Internations Blog Recommends MyBloogle for Expats

Hi there,

I’m Simona and represent, We are the largest social network catering to expats working and living worldwide. Our international members can interact with each other in a secure online & offline environment about their individual and shared experiences abroad.

Your wonderful blog would make excellent reading for our members. Thus I would like to highlight it in our Recommended Blog in Kuwait section, where we share unique, informative stories like yours with our expat members in Kuwait. Your blog would fit very well in our high-quality selection of blog recommendations.

Your blog would be a good source of firsthand information for our expat members living in Kuwait or the ones planning on moving there. Stories written by actual expat bloggers like you are always more authentic and offer great insights for readers.

We would feature your blog in a prominent part of our content section. We would also very much appreciate it if you could fill out the attached questionnaire. In exchange we’d like to offer you an InterNations link badge for you to embed in your blog if you choose to do so. It honors blogs of outstanding quality, especially those by and for expats.

If you haven’t joined InterNations yet, you are most welcome to become part of our exclusive network by simply clicking on your personal invitation link. You would fit well into our friendly community and could start interacting with our members right away.

I am looking forward to your response and would be happy to welcome you to our global expat community.


 Simona Jadronova

InterNations GmbH
Schwanthalerstrasse 39
80336 München

Internations is a grouping of expats in over 300 countries that aims to build stronger bonds between expats and their new locale.

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