Internet could be 20KD per annum in Kuwait

The Information Super Highway

In wake of the recent “uprising” in Kuwait over the monopolistic hike in prices and subsequent downgrading in quality of ISPs, the people of Kuwait, expat and citizen alike, banded together, and used Facebook & Twitter to stick it to the ISPs. Now, prices have gone down, 256kbps is deceased, and soon to follow, the 512.

It irks me that I paid 99KD to Fasttelco for my connection (512, X6 at night) and now, a 1MB connection is going for 81KD, and 512 will be phased out.

I sent a strong worded email to Fasttelco yesterday, and they responded immediately, saying that prices had gone down, and that I could possibly speak to accounts and see if I could migrate to a different package, given that I paid 99KD. I was transfered to Accounts and kept on hold though, so that is on my to-do list after Eid.

Now, back to the subject matter at hand, I came across this article.

If this bill is passed, then this dream could indeed become a reality to all expats and citizens of Kuwait.

From Arab Times (link):

Islamist MP Mohammed Hayef has submitted a draft bill in which he proposes that high quality Internet services be provided by the government to citizens and residents in Kuwait. The bill stipulates an annual fee of not more than KD 20. In his explanatory note, Hayef said that Internet use does not conflict with Islamic laws and is a basic human right as it is a necessary method for economic development and the practice of freedom of opinion and expression. The Islamist MP said it is the government’s responsibility to sponsor freedom of communication and media.

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