Invasion of Privacy: level – Internet

Level 1000

Integration is scary. Very Scary.

In the digital age of the internet, all our questions are directed not to our friends but to our browsers thru various platforms, mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. Suppose you are searching for a query such as “guide to buying used Rolex’s” for example, or searching for tickets from X to Destination W.

Now keep in mind that nowadays everyone is logged into Gmail/ Facebook whilst searching Google.

The result?

Targeted advertisements.

Everywhere you go.

Facebook ads, Google ads. Both have joined forces to remind you of your search string, showing you watches, advertising airlines and entice you to spend, spend, spend.

It is like a stalker just beyond the horizon, unseen but you can still feel their breath on the back of your neck.


And the problem is; there is no way to stop it.

This is the price we pay for information.

Too much? Or not enough?

You decide.

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