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Investigative Bloggerism

Striving to offer something new to the Kuwaiti Blogosphere.

News is being recycled; posts from Newspapers and around the Globe are being given a new twist in blogs, or atleast the bloggers opinion on the events that unfold.

That is what I have attempted at times.

Then it came to me; I wish to stand out from the rest of the bloggers of Kuwait, no offense to anyone.

Everytime I go out in the great State of Kuwait, I have my camera at the ready, and I’m snapping pictures for articles I wish to write.

I will take it a step farther and make it similar to investigative journalism. In this case, it will be Investigative Bloggerism.

I wrote a piece today, whilst at the Airport, and that will be the theme of what I hope to achieve, bringing news stories that are not covered in the news, shedding my understanding on certain aspects of our daily lives in Kuwait. Do tune in.

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