Irrefutable proof that #Kuwait traffic is caused by Schools

Correlation and causation; eerily similar yet at times quite distinct… except today!

Yesterday as many of you are aware was Islamic New Year (happy new year!), given that the holiday fell on a saturday, it was not reimbursed to even government & banking employees, who enjoy the most public vacation days in comparison to their working counterparts.

HOWEVER, certain schools (like Bayan Bilingual School in Hawally) were given the day off, why? God knows. This is a blessing in disguise for employees, as today of all days, the route to get OUT of Hawally by passing by BBS was cut short by 30 minutes, due to the absence of bumper-to-bumper traffic caused by the parents of children insisting they park in the middle of the road and walk their children to their desks.

Damn you BBS, damn you morning traffic.


All schools should have drop-off zones that are located a fair distance away from the school (i.e. 1KM) where special lanes/ barriers allow the children to walk unhindered to the school. You would be combating childhood obesity by giving the children a nice early morning exercise to get their blood pumping and their brain thinking, whilst also making traffic much less.

Win-win for all.

So why is this not being done?

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