Is age a disability?

Should old people be treated the same as the disabled?

Please bear with me, I am in no way, shape or form attempting to be rude to our senior citizens.

A friend of mine noticed that a car was constantly parking in the disabled parking spot at work. This car was not carrying any sign/ badge that the owner has a disability. It was later discovered that the owner is in fact a geriatric.


Does this give them the right to use the disabled parking spot?

Now, I am not against preferred parking spots being reserved for the elderly, the ones that are all over the parking area, however the disabled parking should be strictly for those that meet the legal requirement and have attained the proper documentation to prove such.

A disabled parking spot should not be allocated as a designated parking spot for a certain individual, a “premium parking” if you will, based on their seniority. There are others in the company I am told of similar age that park in varying areas.

What do you think?

PS note that I am writing this on my own birthday, very aware of my mortality.

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