Is it Taboo to congratulate Newlyweds in Kuwait?

For every occasion, there is a Card. Seriously.

Has it become taboo to congratulate newlyweds on the occasion of their marriage in Kuwait by gifting them with a simple, elegant, eloquently written card?

A very good friend of mine recently got married, and after returning from his honeymoon, our department at work decided to gift him with a card, congratulating him on his new role as husband, and it was my duty to find the card.

A lucrative business

I thought, simple, Qotaiba St. with its many, many bookshops, I’m bound to find a card there for marriage congratulations right?


I found cards for husbands from their wives, for wives from their husbands, for grandsons and granddaughters, for cousins and nephews, for 7th, 21st, 40th and 50th birthdays, for Diwalli and Eid, for Ramadan and Christmas, for Colleagues leaving the workplace, for sick friends getting better, I found Kuwaiti cards and postcards as well as just greetings.  What makes matters worse is they were not arranged in any particular order.

Look through the plethora of Occasions

After exhausting every possible solution, maybe buying a normal congratulatory card and scribbling “On Your Wedding!” in bold, I found a single, lone, solitary, reclusive card celebrating marriage.

And here it is, without so much as a greeting inside, only the word “Happy Marriage” on the outside.

One of a Kind

Luckily, I am a poet by passion, so I came up with this:

In order for a Marriage to be Strong,

To one another, your Heart must Belong,

That was crystal clear on your Wedding Day,

May God Bless you both, and Keep you Forever that Way.

So, who wants to join me in creating a carding business to compete against Hallmark? I’ll write the poetry, and we need someone to design the cards.


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