Is PETA too Graphic?

Emirates Airlines believes the following ad is too graphic for its in-flight magazine; I believe its plain insulting to the passengers, are they calling us sheep?!

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Apparently PETA did not witness the "Sheep-Trunk" incident in Kuwait

There is nothing wrong with Economy class, especially if you have the aisle seat as one has recently discovered that it is more favorable to be near the overhead stowage rather than the window, despite the sleeping advantage provided by the latter, the ease of access to washroom/baggage of the former is much more desirable given the bulk of gadgets, books, snacks and other knick-knacks that always seem to find their way into our luggage. I digress.

PETA has always had a flair for pushing the envelope in terms of shocking advertisements and questionable content i.e. celebrities stripping against fur.

Stop animal cruelty AFTER preventing cruelty to PEOPLE; for there are many people who also have no voice, and much like sheep to the slaughter have no control over their fate.

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