It is only Bizarre acts that make one Feel Alive

The India trip is on shaky grounds at the moment, so I turn to writing as a source of relaxation, and contemplation.

Today there is a festival in India, garlands of brightly colored yellow and orange flowers hang from every street corner, car hood, door and rickshaw. The exact reason I am unsure of, will post pictures of such soon, however, back to the matter at hand.

This being a business trip, and of rather limited time, I find myself torn between three things:

a) completing my assignment for which I was sent here to do.

b) studying for an exam I am scheduled to take one week after returning to Kuwait.

c) wishing to explore the locality and sample the culture.

My current conundrum is as follows; despite feeling the need to spend as much time as possible with option B, option A is trumping, as my current biological/ethical work clock has me waking up at 7am to leave for work by 8:15am, return home by 7:30pm, drained.

Attempting to do both was met with scrutiny by my colleague as, on a business trip, work comes first. First and foremost.

The obvious solution is to attempt to reschedule the exam, meaning it would be postponed to January, hoping of course, I have sent that email out today and am awaiting, praying, that they accept my circumstances.

That leaves us with option C, which, to the best of my ability, I have attempted to make time for by walking about the hotel I am staying in to sample the culture.

And one thing caught my attention on my second day here.

Barefoot people.

Mind you, these are not poor or beggars, as they are dressed in fine clothing, they choose however to walk around with naked feet, in touch with mother earth.

So I figured, why not walk around Barefoot in Bombay, for a day, or even an evening?

The streets here, unlike any other country I have visited, are remarkably and immaculately kept free of any debilitating debris, making them the perfect solution to my conundrum of wanting to do something different.

I have always found myself drawn to the more bizarre aspects during my travels; for example, I visited Thailand in late 2009. Now, the minute a single guy says he visited Thailand, one reason comes to the mind of anyone as to “why” exactly, knowing what Thailand is famous for promoting.

That was the farthest thing from my mind and my aspirations in Thailand. Whilst there, I indulged in the thrills of bungy-jumping (twice), and jungle zip-lining, as well as having an elephant stand on my chest.

(not to mention of course that its trunk was in my trunks, as the tour guide lady found me a very open spirit, after my try-out in the Mu-Thai boxing ring prior to the elephant show, to be worthy of a special treat; whereas everyone got their elephant massage lying on their stomach, I was on my back, and a banana was slipped into my shorts, for which the elephant searched, vigorously, and left me feeling used…)

for those that may not believe me, here is the proof, in 256 colors, that I did indeed have an elephant atop my chest

Blog post on the Barefoot Walk coming soon, early next week as we head out for another location Saturday.

Good night from Mumbai.

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