Jazeera Airways Amenity Price Hike

They say there are two absolutes in life; death and taxes.

Add a third item to that list – prices.

If economics has taught us anything, it is that prices are downward inflexible, meaning they will rise definitely, but will rarely dip down.

Jazeera Airways is no exception to that rule.

For long they have been the budget carrier of Kuwait, expanding their reach slowly but surely.

Booking on Jazeera recently, I found out two price differences:

1) Selecting a seat, which once cost 1KD now costs 1.5KD (50% increase)

2) K-NET fees of 200fils, before K-NET payments were FREE.

A small change can have a big impact later; lets assume a flight has 100 seats available, and everyone selected theirs, whereas before they would have made 100KD, they are now making 150KD.

A profit out of “thin air”.

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