Joggers Beware of the Mishref Marauder! Investigative Bloggerism Report

There is a new bane to the existence of sports enthusiasts, and it is not the jelly belly or couch-potato-syndrome.

Recently there have been a series of break-ins into cars parked near the Mishref Walkway, with the bandits making off with drivers personal belongings. Windows are smashed and personal belongings ransacked from the vehicles whilst the owner is blissfully unware.

The area in question is right there (above), the problem with these parking lots is they are rather badly lit, expansively large and quite secluded.

Now, a quick bit of profiling informs us that the culprit has found their niche, in that the majority of those coming to partake in exercise on the walkway will be away from their vehicles for quite some time (culprit may be hiding in the bushes, waiting for new arrivals, to time their theft properly from their departure), the majority are well off, hence the likelihood of scoring major “booty” from their vehicles, they know the area well as the thefts are spanning a couple of months now, the “bystander effect” in that the majority of runners are there solo, and hence, even if they do see someone breaking into a car, they are not likely to call for help as there may be no one around, nor are they willing to risk their own lives by tackling this vandal on their own.

Mostly, this vile rapscallion preys on the fact that runners are always looking forward, not turning their heads around like pigeons, hence, they are most likely to be oblivious to this wretches presence.

I propose a neighborhood vigilante group, I’m already patrolling the bigger parking lot diligently some days of the week, but whereas my position is currently defensive we need a group to be offensive, set up a sting for this heathen and catch them in the act.

And to the victor shall go the spoils of being called a Hero, now who does not want that?

In closing, please take care of your personal belongings when going for a jog, do not leave anything “important” “visible” to passers by, hide your purse, bags etc in the trunk of the car (but do remember to keep your keys with you!) and maybe, if they are not caught, they will simply grow bored of finding nothing to snatch.

Run hard, Run fast and most importantly, Run Smart.

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