John Stewart’s Segment on @DrBassemYoussef ‘s El-Bernameg!

Satirists of the World UNITE!

This segment is in English, and it has Arabic Subtitles, enjoy:

Thank you Dr. Bassem Youssef for bringing a touch of something different to the Arab World. While most Arabs returning from the West bring nothing more than Restaurant Franchises, you saw a show done on a daily basis and thought, why not?

As Jon Stewart said, “if your regime isn’t strong enough to handle a joke, then you don’t have  a regime.”

Thank you for showing the world that yes we can talk about politics and laugh about it.

Here is to your continued success.

PS to all Jon Stewart fans; he is not off the Daily Show, he has taken a 3-month vacation to shoot the said movie in the clip above and shall return to his rightful seat afterward.

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