Join the fight against Cancer

Here is your chance to take part in the quest to eradicate Cancer.

A Message to the Aussies of Kuwait & Around the world:

Many a loved one have been lost to this merciless disease. To date, despite our vast advancement in science and medicine, very little is known about how cancer comes about, much less how it can be effectively treated or prevented.

Fortunately, there are many who actively seek to cure this ravenous disease.

One such individual is doing his part by raising money to aid researchers in finding a cure as part of the Chris O’Brian Lifehouse Cancer Center. His page can be found here

Not a stranger to fund raising, he is a true humanitarian:

I swam two 2.5km ocean swims with Can Too to raise money for cancer researchers; I’m a Companion for children with cancer at Camp Quality; and now I’m going to ride 200km to hopefully raise some much needed funding for the Chris O’Brien inspired Lifehouse Cancer Centre.

As well a comedian!

That’s right. I’m going to put my unfit, slightly tubby posterior into the saddle for a 200km bicycle ride in October. I’ll grit my teeth through the thigh chaffing; the bugs splattering into my face (or “protein”, as Bear Grylls would say); the knee-wobbling soreness; and, knowing my luck, I’ll endure the ensuing genital numbness and erectile dysfunction with all the dignity I can muster (true story – long term, long distance bicycle riding can mess with your giblets). All for the good of this truly incredible cause. Hell, if anybody is willing to donate money for it, I’ll go through all that with a shaved head, while wearing a dress and growing my very best handlebar moustache.


Kind of looks like a bicycle…

Of course ANYONE can donate to show support – Aussies can go a step further and get a tax write off. So it is good all around!

So the only question right now is; what are you waiting for? If you cannot donate, help spread the word, please?

Good Luck Stefan!

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