Kardastrophe – Why do we empower imbeciles like @khloekardashian?

The world craze of “following faux-lebrities” i.e the following of people without an ounce of talent or brains by people without an ounce of sense has taken a sharp turn (upward) since the invention of social media.

At the high of this tidal wave or tomfoolery is the latest sensation – Khloe Kardashian, whose number of faux-pa’s over the past few months has been staggering to say the least, earning her a top spot in “faux-lebrity f*ckup”.

Firstly we begin with Exhibit A – the Khloe Kardashian “Diet”, which entails no exercise or clean eating, unless you consider cleaning your food with windex to be clean eating. The diet consists of her eating what she can, then spraying the rest with window cleaner so as to prevent herself from eating more. Not only did she believe this “fad” to be something that can catch on, she goes and spreads news about it, with the entire world coming together to inform little Ms. My-Only-Claim-To-Fame-Is-My-Sisters-Porno-&-My-Dads-Vagina that half the world is living in hunger whilst she deliberately poisons food. Hey, how about wrapping it up “to go” and giving it to a homeless person on the street? Would that not be a better diet? (link)

Next up on her trail of blunder-dom is a bit closer to home, specifically the Arab World, whereby she posts a photo on instagram with her “Arabian Prince” with the caption “‘Happy halloween! We getting Arab money tonight,”, in addition to a not-so-savory comment about her “beau-sheikh”:

kardashian stupidity


The latest two are again in our neighborhood, specifically the UAE, and they have to do with:

a) Her posting a picture in a niqqab(link)

which in all honesty, is not so offensive as people are making it out to be – ergo we’re on the fence about this one.

b) Her selfie with endangered animals (link)

which should be viewed as both her fault as well as shed light on the exotic animal industry thriving in the region. Blame the root of the problem, not the outcome.

The very fact that her actions are making such reverberations around the world is proof that we have lost the will to read into “real news” and instead pamper ourselves with faux-news.

Here is hoping to see the day when media-outlets stop giving airtime to airheaded wannabes who add no value to humanity, instead continue to remind us that celebrity is a gift bestowed upon the untalented with reckless abandon.

And the real hypocrisy is that I am writing about this…

Slow week.

Happy Sunday.

Over & Out.

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