Killed over a Selfie by a Gulf National in Dubai…

From humble upbringing, to tragic end. That is the tale of Mahendran Yadav, the managing director of Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, who was tragically struck down (some say unintentionally) by a Gulf National in Dubai after a row erupted between them whereby the former was taking pictures with friends that the latter believed to be inclusive of him and his fiancee. Taking matters into his own hands after complaining to the hotel restaurant staff where they were and seeing no cessation of selfies, he confronted the group and the events which ensued resulted in the death of one of them.

Over a selfie.


What is worse are the comments left by some people on the article (here) and I quote:

“Right to take photograph at a public place is relative and not an absolute one. The hotel restaurant is not exclusive domain of anyone where one could take photographs in spite of objections of others using the restaurant. The victim should have been civilized enough to understand this especially that he was a real estate broker, he should have shown shown some manners. This does not mean the attacker had the right to kill him; but the victim brought it upon himself by refusing to accept request to stop taking photographs.”

“Though the loss of a life is very unfortunate, it’s extremely provoking to take a pic of someone, especially a lady, without consent & more so to refuse when asked to stop. Hotel managements need to inform their guests.”

“The assaulter however if he had a problem he could’ve changed tables or asked his fianc�e to give her back to the camera instead of showing off his muscles on Yadav. I once in Dubai was with a friend in the Atlantis hotel, we ordered dinner, which was so well presented so I took a photo of my plate, the flash was on. Another gulf national next to me started acting funny and he clearly didn’t like it that my camera flash went off and he had a young wife or daughter I guess. Being from the Gulf myself I apologized to him, ,showed him that my photo didn’t have him and that I’m already loyal to mine own not to ogle his wife. 5 years on, I feel bitter that he had this sense of entitlement to express his opinion on my actions.”

When did it become OK to descend to barbarianism over a photograph? When it is crystal clear that the picture taken does not derive its focus entirely on you, it should be no hassle to either get up and move to another table or simply remain silent.

I have yet to add this to the list of complaints I receive in public, from anyone, but rest assured should it ever arise my response would not be to refrain from taking pictures, but to request the requester to get off their high horse and slap them with the realization that they in fact did not marry Helen of Troy.

I am sure a search on Google would paint a more harrowing picture as to how many lives were lost unnecessarily as a result of macho bravado over a picture.

The victim had arrived in Dubai and was employed as a driver before he worked his way up the ladder and made his fortune as a real estate broker, heading up the Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers firm since 2003.

And now his obituary will read, “killed over a selfie by a Gulf National in Dubai“.

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