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Given that every passenger that travels through an airport pays a “tax” to said airport, which should be used for maintenance etc. then what happened in Kuwait International Airport last thursday was a gross miscarriage of maintenance and a failure to foresee the most obvious of scenarios.

Last thursday as everyone knows was the beginning of “the long weekend”, 9 days of vacation due to the Eid holidays. Naturally, all those who were able to, local and expat, decided to take the opportunity to travel abroad.

149,000 people traveled on thursday i.e. almost 5% of Kuwait’s population. And what naturally ensued was a terrible delay of unspeakable proportions.

Firstly, the line to get to the check in counters at Kuwait Airport stretched OUTSIDE the airport! Grossly mismanaged, with out a single person available to keep order.

Secondly, the maintenance we were referring to above was obviously NOT being done as the conveyor belt belong to the Kuwait Airways terminal broke down, causing a further backlog in accepting passengers, which eventually caused my flight, KU543 heading to Cairo, to be delayed by 4 HOURS!

Third, The Pearl Lounge Kuwait, packed to the brim and completely unhelpful in sending people to their “gates” despite the flight schedule not posting any updates on the flight.

Flight KU543 had no information posted such as proceed to gate, final boarding, last call. No information was updated on this flight. Not a single line. Up to the time they hoarded us onto the bus, the gate was still reading for the previous flight that was meant to depart at 8:50PM, our flight was meant to depart at 9:30PM. We climbed into the plane at 10:30PM, the flight took off at 1AM. Instead of arriving in Cairo at 11:30PM we arrived at 2:30AM, with several people who had further travel to their cities (i.e. Mansoura) from Cairo were exponentially delayed.

Kuwait Airport should be shut down and fixed, especially the conveyor belt belonging to Kuwait Airways, which could not handle the stress and broke down, causing the greatest delay in that people who were in line were forced to wait for it to be fixed, and the plane could not take off without them as the airline would be liable to compensate them.

I seriously hope the airport gets its act together.


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