Kuwait City Bus Bedlam!

This is by far one of the most aggravating occurrences in the streets of Kuwait.

Picture this; the traffic light is green, everyone is passing.

However, there is a blockage on the main road where 90% of the traffic is heading, causing a pile up in no mans land (the square area between the traffic lights).

What happens next when there is no camera at the traffic light is that everyone attempts to “run the yellowlight”, which leads to the following:


quickly! count the number of buses in this photo!


what makes it worse is that it is being done by buses, which prohibits the cars with the right of way from passing:


how many buses do you see in this photo?

and it just kept getting worse and worse:


look, theres another one on the left

like adding fuel to the fire:


even more appearing…

a pile up of deadlocked traffic:


more on the way…


can you even begin to understand the dynamics of the traffic lights here?

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