Kuwait City of the Dead

Once upon a time, Kuwait City was all of Kuwait, apparently. Years ago, it was both the center of business as well as the living quarters of Kuwait. Soor St. which runs the length of Kuwait city from the Jahra Roundabout (aka Sheraton Roundabout) all the way to Route 30 (Fahaheel Express) was in fact a wall (as the name suggests, soor).

Only when you are presented with an aerial view of Kuwait City from the heart of Kuwait City do you notice the burgeoning presence of several Cemeteries all around (I count two from my office window).



Although macabre, it is sobering (as some discussions with managers whose offices overlook these vast expanses of land has yielded) to see that to the earth we shall return, no matter how high up we climb in this life.

The question is; are these plots still operational? Why have they not been relocated? Land cost in the city must be skyrocketing, and the grounds appear undisturbed for quite some time, save for donut tire-tracks (unbelievable, I know).

One explanation is that one of these plots (or several) are the resting places of the former Amir’s of Kuwait (although I am aware that the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah was buried near the 6th Ring Road).

To end this post, we use an original quote:

We are born of this earth,

and to this earth we shall return,

so how can earning a living,

be mankind’s greatest concern?

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