Kuwait Expat Affairs – Medical Care Segregation begins June 1st

Expats make up two thirds of the population of Kuwait, working all levels of jobs from street cleaners to CEO’s of corporations in Kuwait.

There are 20 government hospitals in Kuwait:

Al-Jahra Health District 24575300
Al-Jahra Hospital 24575300
Capital Health District 22450005
Al-Amiri Hospital 22450005
Hawalli Health District 25312740
Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital 25312700
Al-Sabah Specialized Medical District 24843999-24838334–24838219
Al-Sabah Hospital 24812000-24815000
The Psychiatric Hospital 24843900
Zain Hospital for Ear, Nose and Throat 24846912
Al-Razi Hospital 24846000
Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital 24874330
Infectious Diseases Hospital 24870133-24870469
Maternity Hospital 24843100 – 24842100
Chest Diseases Hospital 24849400
Ibn Sina Hospital 24840300
Farwaniya Health District 24887298
Farwaniya Hospital 24888000
Ahmadi District 23940600
Adan Hospital 23940600

A link to the news can be found here, and the following are excerpts from that article:

Kuwait is to bar foreigners from attending public hospitals in the mornings fronm June 1, local media have reported.

The decision comes after complaints in parliament of Kuwaiti patients having to wait for treatment at public health facilities because of the large number of expatriates.

Kuwaitis will be given priority for medical checkups at public hospitals and clinics during the morning, with foreigners only able to access doctors in the afternoon, unless it is an emergency.

Last month, it was reported that staff also will be segregated according to their nationality, with Kuwaitis working in the morning and expat doctors in the afternoon.

The move is seen as favorable to Kuwaitis while reducing the level of care given to expats, who make up about two-thirds of the Gulf state’s population but would have fewer hours they could seek medical attention.

The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle

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