Kuwait @FridayMarket not safe from Spammers & Con Artists

The internet is a double edged sword.

Since the first PC went online, scammers and con artists were born.

These dredges of society prey on the weak and inexperienced, mostly on emotions, the desire to earn a quick buck.

At first I believed scammers only targeted you with ludicrous offers such as an inheritance from a long lost relative or a pot of gold over in Nigeria. Now I realize they are everywhere, and our little Kuwait is not safe.

Last week I had attempted to sell an item online. Like most people do, I went over to KuwaitFridayMarket.com.

No sooner had I posted it did I receive the following email; with the subject being the item number as on KFM:


The Series of Unfortunate Messages in their Entirety

His second message read as follows:


The tall tale

How can you tell someone is lying? Too much info, too fast. What do I care what he wants to do with it? Playing the emotion-card that’s what!


The con, enter the “Pick up agent”

The request

As always, I was skeptic of Paypal payments, so I requested B2B.


Here is where it gets messy – the “Pick up Agent” – oldest trick in the book. I even asked where he worked to check his “Botability”

His responses were coming in “human-like”.


And now for the final touch – please transfer $500 (for an item I am selling costing #305 mind you) to the pick up agent BEFORE delivery, so that bank can transfer amount to your bank… classic.

I refused.


I got back to him alright…

And there you have it, even as sellers people are targeted for scams.

In my effort to sell my wares I neglected to Google phrases from his email, believing anyone wishing to BUY an item would not be a bot? I was surprised to find out that it was a scam going on for ages, same name, same M.O.

A quick search on Google confirmed my suspicions (link).

What is wrong with this world?


*sad face*

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