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On the heels of the recent news of the allowance for each of the 1.12 million native citizens to get KD1,000 in cash as well as free essential food items until March 31, 2012, in a bid to stem rising food prices for CITIZENS.

(Kuwaiti ruler grants $4 bn, free food to citizens )

However, The 2.4 million foreign residents of Kuwait are excluded from the grant and the free food. Sucks to be an expat. No free food.

Anyhoo, I digress, on the heels of this recent news, another group has arisen to help tackle the obesity issue that is plaguing Kuwait.

CNN (a newsite I have since boycotted) has put the obesity levels in Kuwait as being as high as 75%.

One group has decided to battle the bulge, fight the fat, tackle the tummies and abolish the bellies (phew!)..

They Are: AYMSTRONG (no affiliation with me btw, Aymz)


Subject: مخيم الكويت لتخسيس الوزن
‫مخيم الكويت لتخسيس الوزن
فكرة فريدة من نوعها تجمع المشتركين في فرق تتنافس من أجل تخسيس الوزن وتغيير نمط الحياة الى نمط صحي ومشرق بالاضافة الى ان يصبح المشتركون اقوى واكثر انتاجية في حياتهم ومجتمعهم.
The idea of a unique pool of participants in teams vying for weight loss and lifestyle changes to the pattern of healthy and bright individuality in addition to the participants becoming stronger and more productive in their lives and their community.

للمزيد من المعلومات و التسجيل
Direct Line: 999-64-794
عنوان المركز
Shuwaikh, Hazar Center
1st Floor, Office 5
Tel: 249-28-042
So as you can see, they have a presence on Facebook, get in touch and kick off the New Year as the Healthy, New You.

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