Kuwait #MOI decrees one door policy per mosque?

kuwait grand mosque

In response to the recent terrorist attack on Kuwait, and in an effort to step up “security”, the MOI apparently has decided that only one door should be open for entrance/exit per mosque during Ramadan.

My source is the imam of the nearby mosque who informed us of this security decision at fajr prayer today.

Let us analyse this decision; Ramadan is the time the mosques are at their busiest; in excess of 100 people at least. Most mosques have various doors in order to alleviate congestion. By ordering these doors closed, the “pile up” at the main door, with people entering and exiting simulatenously, will be unbearable.

In addition, there was no police car outside the mosque to ensure orderly conduct, just an order to close all doors bar one.

Even from a safety stand point this does not make sense; heaven forbid there was a fire, having only one door open would cause utter chaos.

I cannot for the life of me imagine a single situation from a security standpoint whereby it makes sense to use only one door.

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