Kuwait MOSAL: Expat Appreciation Non-Existent

Expats are people too!

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has recently decided that expat employees serving tenures of 30+ years are to be terminated.


YOU'RE FIRED! Don't Pass Go. Don't Collect Squat

Don’t Pass Go. Don’t Collect Squat

What about citizens that have served 30+ years you ask?

Kuwaiti nationals holding leading positions in the public sector and who have worked for more than 30 years have been encouraged to retire and special incentives have been promised to those who leave by June 30.

And of course, Kuwait being a working state for expats, whereby expats can only remain so long as they have a steady source of income i.e. a job, and given that the world economy is as it is, the axed employees of MOSAL will have no other choice but to either find employment elsewhere or return from whence they came.

Kuwait depends upon the services of expats for health care, education and infrastructure. With each passing day, the expat situation grows more intense.

God only knows what tomorrow holds.

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