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The Desert Oasis of the Gulf Region is having a Conundrum in February, which race to opt for?

In spite having extremely minimal running events all year round, the running community’s pleas for more running events continue to fall on deaf ears. Not only that, two major races are slated for the same exact day.

On the one side, you have the LGF Desert Run:



When: February 7th, 2015

Where: Northern desert of Kuwait, Parallel to Road 80.

Distance: 5KM & 10KM

How much: 8KD & 16KD respectively

Any goodies: Yes, the usual:

1) Medal,  2) T Shirt,  3)  Forward Initiative Customized Wrist Band 4) Runners’ Water Bottle  5) Forward’s Branded Drawstring Bag 6) Finish Time Result posted online (Only for the 10K Participants)

Previous experience: Generally Negative, read our review of their last race in Feb 2014 (link)

On the other side, we have Pro-Vision’s North Face Challenge:


When: February 7th, 2015

Where: Mutla, Desert

Distance: 17KM

How much: 25KD

Any goodies: Not mentioned, assume it’s:

1) Medal,  2) T Shirt (based on friend’s experiences)

Previous experience: Personally, Generally  Positive, based on our 642 Marathon experience (link)

However, friends that had attended previous versions of the NFC have cited that the organizing was not up to par, as well as the giveaways being too frugal in light of the registration fee.

For both, I believe the amount being requested is excessive. Unlike races in the city, races in the desert require less Police Supervision thereby lowering the cost borne by the organizer. Charging the runners this much for a race is excessive, especially since no extra added precautions are required when running in the desert in terms of cordoning off part of a busy road.

Second, it is extremely laughable to have two races slated for the same date, almost as if the Monday Night Wars of Wrestling are returning with two different companies opting to see who is “Better” and can garner more runners, and the only loser is the latter who has to choose between one or the other, forsaking one medal from the collection they are accumulating.

(In the interest of fairness, LGF did call the date first, as their races were scheduled from 2014, the NFC run was slated for 31-Jan-15 initially).

As a matter of principle, the final winner at these events should be the participants, not the organizers who seek to line their pockets with cash only.

Again, we cite the amazing experience had by all at the RunQ8 event (link), in addition to giveaways from the sponsors that left everyone feeling content that they had gotten their moneys worth, which in the end was paid to charity, so you got both spiritual and physical benefits.

Both the races above have sponsors, and are in fact benefiting from them immensely, so what is effectively happening here is that the race organizer gets money from both the sponsors and the runners, the sponsors seek to recoup their losses and so they charge for everything given to the runner, meaning that the runner ends up paying double.

Considerations should be made for the races and the charges, to ensure that the residents in Kuwait fulfill their running appetite and do not end up seeking sustenance outside.

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