Cris Craita represents Kuwait in Inaugral Oman Desert Marathon

In the world of Ultra Marathons, Oman is joining the fracas by kick-starting its very own Desert Marathon, 165KM over 5 days.

Oman Desert Marathon

Representing Kuwait in the launch of this premier event is Kuwait’s local expat runner and bootcamp sensation: Cristian Craita!


Those of you familiar with the running community of Kuwait will remember Cris as also being one of the first participants in the Kuwait Border run in 2012, being the sole expat in the mix that traversed Kuwait from its Northern border to the South, a distance of almost 240KM:


Cris remains the sole participant from Kuwait in Oman. His tenacity and determination are most likely to carry him across the finish line, as well as your support.

He remains to date the major influence in my own running path; a full time employee as well as a husband and father; Cris never fails to find the time to pursue his passion of running. And if that is not inspiring, I do not know what is.

Good luck Cris, and God Speed!

Go get ’em tiger!

Follow him on Instagram: @Firespell

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