Kuwait Show your Support for Mohammed Al Matar in Marathon Des Sables 2012

Mohammed Al Matar, Kuwait’s very own, proud member of the Armed Forces, is currently competing in the toughest foot race on the planet: The Marathon Des Sables, a grueling 250KM run through the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

He is doing everyone proud, currently in the top 50 out of over 800 competitors this year.

Mohammed Al Matar making us all proud

Please show your support by going to this link and writing him a message of encouragement; they are not allowed to carry their phones and are given these letters when they reach their check points, or send him a tweet to @Makaveli566.

Many thanks to fellow runners and Mohammed’s compatriots Hanan & Faisal (@ALNAK1B), fellow runners in the 240KM run Kuwait even, for the info and the image.

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