Kuwait Sports Events Expo- Prognosis: Needs Improvement @q8sportsevents


Today marks the first day of the KSE expo; after spending around 20 minutes there, we came to the conclusion that it was absolutely useless.

There is an apparent ignorance in the sports field in Kuwait as to the meaning of the word ‘marathon’, specifically the distance. I was looking forward to signing up for the 642 marathon, however the name turned out to be misleading. It had a max of 21KM, not 42.

All the sporting events participating in the expo have been established in Kuwait already (apart from the 642). So it would seem the whole event was made for the Battle of the East crossfit event, which had the best stand by far.

A sports expo would be very useful in a country like the UAE, where the majority of the Gulf sports event take place.

What would have been better is if we started having more races in Kuwait and that they would have used the sports expo to launch such events.

All the other races, the North Face Challenge, RunQ8 etc. Already do their own social media advertising when the race date beckons.

And a message to the organisers;  make sure you take everyone’s opinion when conducting a survey :), so should a runner be strategically misplaced amongst two giant football players,  despite being touted as a runner by said football players, do ask for his opinion too.

RunQ8, November 2nd. See you there.

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