Kuwait to Expats – GTFO

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It’s kind of like having that annoying friend over who refuses to heed your queues and leave, so you’re sitting there yawning, looking at the clock, your watch, your mobile phone, repeating the time out loud etc. and they’re going on and on about the world economy and how the pigeon that lands on their kitchen window is spying on them.

So you just turn off the lights, open the door, grab your broom and start swinging it wildly in the air.

And that is the summation of what is currently going on.

We’ve talked about it till we turned blue in the face, we will continue hearing others talk about it till they turn blue in the face, we’ll eventually get to a point where we look like an Eiffel65 video.

Make no mistake, this is the same MO as adopted in 2013 to cull the expat flow and bring the population within tolerable limits. Kuwait has a total population of 3,823,728; 30% locals and 70% expatriates. The current 2017 population forecast is 4,523,798.

Remember this (link)?

“The strategy envisages bringing down the total number of expatriate workers to only one million in 10 years,” 

قال رسول الله : اتقوا دعوة المظلوم وإن كان كافراً؛ فإنها ليس بينها وبين الله حجاب

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