Kuwait … We are Animals


Does this scene show any hint of humanity?

It is amazing how a simple evening outing can turn into a contemplative lesson.

The above is the scene which remains after the credit’s role at the local cinema. Description? Animal Carnage.

Much like a lion leaves the half eaten carcass of its prey for the hyena’s to dine upon, so to do the movie goers of Kuwait.

Usually people are self conscious of the food they spill, and try real hard to either pick it up or ensure it is not trampled on by other people. Apparently the perpetrators of the above filth were absent when that moral lesson was being taught.


I know what you are thinking: front row must mean children, and we have to let them be children right? Wrong. You have to teach them responsibility and respect at a young age. And it is not like the higher up seats are any less filthy.


Do these people not have homes? Families? Parents? No where in society is it acceptable to leave such a filthy mess behind you, regardless of the presence of cleaning staff.

It is very disheartening to see people still act as though these staff are their own personal maids, and seek to make them earn their keep.

The degree of humanity of a person can be accurately measured by how they treat those who can do nothing for them. If that is the case, then this cinema was no movie theater at all, it was a cavern where dwells humanoid beasts, devoid of any thought or principle.

Cleaning up your own mess does not make you any less prestigious.


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